Unique seafood ingredients from Thanh Hoá – a rustic dish that has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts.

Located along the beautiful coastline of Central Vietnam, Thanh Hoá is not only famous for its majestic natural beauty but also as the habitat of a rare marine creature known as “Moi biển” (scientific name: Sergestidae). “Moi biển” is not only a common seafood in the Central Vietnamese cuisine but also a precious source of ingredients for the exquisite shrimp paste dish that brings unforgettable taste for anyone.

Shrimp paste – a special dish only available in Vietnam. There are world cultural experts who believe that if any foreigners has enjoyed shrimp paste, they are considered 80% “Vietnamese”. Shrimp paste in Vietnam is produced in many places, but gourmets say that shrimp paste in Tĩnh Gia, Hậu Lộc (Thanh Hoá) is really delicious and attractive. The secret to creating that appeal lies in the shrimp – an important ingredient in the process of making shrimp paste.

Shrimp paste made from seasonal “moi biển” shrimp (from August to December in the lunar calendar) is the best. When catching “moi biển” shrimp, fishermen keep them in the net, rinse them thoroughly in seawater, remove impurities, and then mix them with salt before placing them in containers and sealing them tightly. Taking care of the shrimp paste is an important task that determines the quality of the final product. The more carefully the shrimp paste is taken care of, the more fragrant, smooth, and beautiful in color it becomes. The best shrimp paste is typically aged in salt for about nine months to a year.

Shrimp paste is always present in many rustic dishes of the countryside, especially the North. It can be combined with lime juice or white wine to enhance its aroma and make it milder. Adding a bit of sugar can also enhance its sweetness. Shrimp paste is often used as a dipping sauce with boiled pork or eaten with vermicelli with fried tofu or Hanoi fish cakes. Shrimp paste is often used as a dipping sauce with boiled pork or served with vermicelli and fried tofu or Hanoi-style fish cake. Additionally, shrimp paste is an essential component in many traditional dishes.

Tam Duc always respects the traditional methods of shrimp paste production passed down by ancestors. By using “moi biển” shrimp and sea salt, combined with time, Tam Duc proudly brings natural shrimp paste products to consumers’ meals.

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