In 2023, Tam Duc participated in the FOODEX JAPAN 2023 (The 48th International Food and Beverage Exhibition) with the desire to build trade relationships, expand markets and enhance brand reputation on an international level. This event is an opportunity for Tam Duc to demonstrate the strength and potential of the Vietnamese food industry in the international arena.

FOODEX JAPAN is one of the leading exhibitions in the food and beverage industry in the Asian region. This year, the exhibition attracted the participation of thousands of companies from all over the world, focusing on introducing new products, advanced technologies, and business collaboration.

Tam Duc introduced the richness of Vietnam’s agriculture by producing and processing post-harvest agricultural products, particularly organic and high-quality crops, to meet the strict requirements of food safety in Japan and the United States, as well as in Europe…

Tam Duc did not just stop at introducing products, but also wants to build long-term trade relationships with international partners. By organizing meetings and discussions to take place during the FOODEX JAPAN 2023, Tam Duc hopes to reach out to potential partners and explore new business opportunities.

With this step, Tam Duc has demonstrated patience and determination in building its reputation in the international market by maintaining its commitment to quality and trust from customers. Tam Duc is set to advance further in its journey to become a leading producer of agriculture and aquaculture products in Vietnam and play an increasingly important role in the global food industry.

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