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Vietnamese Authentic Flavors

Tam Duc Cooperative aims to become the leading company in traditional sauces manufacturing, made from the high- quality ingredients of Vietnam. Our mission is to provide customers high quality products with “Clear origin”, “Handmade and environment-friendly process” and “Sustainable connection to Vietnamese culture”.

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Introduction to Tam Duc Rice Vinegar

Vinegar – Exquisite Flavor from round glutinous rice Vinegar, the oldest spice in the spice system, has existed since 1,000 BC. Many different ingredients can...


Introducing Tam Duc shrimp paste

Unique seafood ingredients from Thanh Hoá – a rustic dish that has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts. Located along the beautiful coastline of Central...


Tam Duc participated in the Foodex Japan 2023

In 2023, Tam Duc participated in the FOODEX JAPAN 2023 (The 48th International Food and Beverage Exhibition) with the desire to build trade relationships,...


Introducing Tam Duc fish sauce

In Vietnamese culinary culture, fish sauce has become an essential and distinctive product in every dish, from simple home-cooked meals to elaborate feasts. Tam...


Product Introduction of Ban Soya Sauce

In the Northern Delta, Vietnam, there is a traditional food that has stuck with people for thousands of generations and has become a precious...


“Bần” Rice Sauce Introduction

In the Red River Delta region of Vietnam, there is a traditional dish that has been deeply rooted in the lives of the people...

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