In the Northern Delta, Vietnam, there is a traditional food that has stuck with people for thousands of generations and has become a precious specialty in Vietnam cuisine in every line of poetry: “Com Vong – Ca Bang – Hung Lang – TUONG BAN”. That is SOYA SAUCE, the food with full of love and homeland’s flavor. SOYA SAUCE – a food that makes people stay together more lovingly “Rotate water spinach and dip it into SOYA SAUCE “, makes the people miss their relatives and homeland passionately when living far away the homeland . Besides, SOYA SAUCE also appeared in village folk song infinitely such as “Leaving one feels nostalgic for the home place, for the water morning- glory soup, for the soya sauce pickled egg-plants”.

Manufacturing process of Soya Sauce is considered very elaborate and meticulous. Each grain of YELLOW FLOWER STICKY RICE is carefully selected , shucked rice hulls, cooked sticky rice, fermented with longan leaves.

Soybean is grown in the alluvial land along the Red River in Hung Yen. After being selected carefully, each soybean seed is roasted until golden ripe, scent and grind with celestial bodies (purified rain water)  and a little spice of the sea ( salt ), through the hands of skilled staff has made a special flavor of the country, Vietnam – a food that is both nutritious for the old people, people with blood pressure or diabetes, and create a letter peaceful “TAM” close to the nature.

Not only TAM DUC SOYA SAUCE brings a good taste, but also contributes to improve human health. With an enthusiasm and solid knowledge, TAM DUC wishes to provide consumers with the knowledge of soybean and its benefits for cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment.

Cardiovascular disease is a serious problem for many countries and has causes, including genetics, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, unhealthy diet. Cholesterol is a main cause of cardiovascular disease, especially bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). High density cholesterol is the risk of cardiovascular disease. Dietary fats affect cholesterol in the blood. When the level of cholesterol is high, cholesterol deposits on arteries create atherosclerosis, causing the constriction of blood vessels and block blood flow to the heart, leading to cardiovascular diseases.

According to research, the countries consume the foods from soybeans regularly, the rate of cardiovascular disease is lower than other countries. Soybeans help to reduce the total amount of cholesterol and bad cholesterol, prevents calcification in the blood vessel wall, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. Genistein isoflavones found in soybeans makes the blood vessels more resilient.

Not only soybean helps lower cholesterol, but also inhibits the oxidizing ability of LDL cholesterol, preventing them from being converted into other harmful substances and and preventing the formation of blood slots. Protein in soy beans has the ability to lower the level of two toxins LDL cholesterol and triglyceride, which cause high cholesterol. Soy bean also helps in increasing the amount of HDL cholesterol, which helps to against LDL cholesterol và triglyceride. With the ability of preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, soy beans help to prevent vascular traumas and help to reduce a blocked blood vessels. By using TAM DUC SOYA SAUCE, not only you enjoy the taste of your hometown, but also support your own heart health.

TAM DUC is proud of bringing to your home Vietnamese specialty:  BAN SOYA SAUCE

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